12 October 2014

I think...I just think...

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh ~

Hello Sunday! Yes. Just saying. Banyak yang tersimpan dalam kepala hotak and yet perlu untuk ditulis dalam sini. Firstly, a man shouldn’t be too harsh on women because they got soft heart actually. Even they may be seem a lil harsh outside. But believe me, when it comes to inside. It is so soft so gent what so ever. Ehh. Hahahaha. Yes but it’s true. Aku pernah mengalaminya sendiri. Lelaki tu ingat aku ne nda sensentap (sensitif+sentap) ka? Hahaha. I do feel sensitive juga ba. Tapi tu lah. Your action make me don’t want to be so close as before anymore. Because you hurt me. Ehh. Hahaha. Not that hurt la actually. Maybe I can forget it by the mean of time. Lol. Just don’t be too harsh on me okay. But in other view, I think the women also harsh ba juga sometimes. I’ve experienced it too. But this time, the man is the one who have soft hearted. Hahaha. Actually it was me yang buat that guy merajuk. Tacing! Hahahaha. I didn’t mean it actually. But he terasa with my words. I do it repeatedly until he can’t bear it. I feel sorry and funny at same time. I was just jokes around with him but I never know that guy also can get touch so easily like that. After almost three days only then he forgave me after I apologize 3 times from him. Nasib baik dia maafkan. Kalau tidak, putus kawanlah jawab nya. Hahahaha. Evil me huh? Miahahaha *evil laugh*

Another confession or opinion from my view is I think I don’t trust man love anymore. I think most of it is trash. Hahaha. They only know and sooooo professional in expressing sweet word. Most of them is a sweet talker only. Ya. Maybe my confession sounds so stereotype but this is my opinion. I don’t trust man’s love for now. As I had experience before, they only know to say that “I can’t live without you” and so on so forth. But actually they didn’t mean it pun. I told you because I have gone through that so-called sweet moment. Puikk! Hahahaha. I prefer just to be friends with the guys. So that they don’t hurt me like the old ancient time hurt me. Hahahaha. Its hurt you know. Like the sword swung on your heart soooo many times. How you gonna heal that? Tell me. Hahaha. Just let the times heal the pains. We all deserve to be happy. Don’t torture yourself to wait for someone who doesn’t want you. They all trash. They maybe didn’t even see how much effort that you had put on just to be with them. Wahh. Kejam gila aku cakap men ne trash. Hahaha. It is not all of the man la kan. Some of them is good, some of them is bad and some of them is separuh2. That’s life. You just need to be clever enough to find someone who suits you the most. They don’t need to be perfect because no one is perfect. Learn to love someone like All of Me by John Legend song. “Love your curve and all your edges, all your perfect imperfection”. Wahh gitu! Hahaha. In short, all people are the same. Have good and bad side. Be wise in choosing your life partner. Hmmm. Macam pro ja aku becakap dari tadi kan. Hahahaha. Till we met again in the next entry. Have a nice sunny Sunday day ! hahh panjang jela2 engkau. hahaha. Minta maaf kepada sesiapa yang terasa dengan entry ne. I'm so sorry. This is just my own opinion and thanks for reading fellas. 

Xoxo :D