12 December 2015

Bcoz I need to write something.

Hello guys,

Hey! It's December already! But I only have two entry for this year. hahahaha. the Earth spinning too fast maybe until I doesn't get to catch up with all these things so called blog. hahaha. but as usual. as I doesn't have anyone to chit chat with. so I'll write. hehe. instantly, I'm with someone. that somenone's name is Maslie bin Abdul Malik. he called himself as Mr Slay. so automatically I become Mrs Slay. hahaha. and as the trend now. we also have our own hashtag which is #MrMrsSlay . almost same like Mr and Mrs Smith isn't it? hahaha.

we've been together for juuust 9 months only. baru sangat. hehe. alhamdulillah i'm happy with him. He is happy with me. but yeah. sometimes we do fight like the other couples did. like now. hahahaha. that is why I'm writing right now. I just want to express about how I feel towards him. I do love him so much. I love the way we manage our relationship if there is any problem. we'll discuss it like the adults. solve the problem together. try to find time and space to think about each other mistakes. I hope this relationship will be last forever since I think that both of us can handle our problems nicely so far. hahaha. I don't know about the future. but I hope it will remain the same.

the thing is we just have to accept each other strength and weakness. if I make a mistake so I'll ask for an apology and he'll do the same thing. but this is the real world laa kan. of course I felt hurt when we had a fight. hahaha. I can't laa fight with him. it really kills me inside. wuuu. i hope things will get better soon right now. hee. here is our picture together. just to introduce him to my blog world. heeeee :)

This picture was taken when we were in matriculation. first picture together. strictly as friends only. 2011. hee

Recently, this second picture was stolen from his facebook with the caption "sebab kalau buat2 comel telampau mainstream" hahahahaha

Thank you for your presence in my life. You make me happy and I appreciate that :)