31 March 2010


Salam to all readers..

first of all..i would like to mention that i already done my oral today..i feel more "bebas"..ha7..but i haven't done my ULBS yet..i don't know when..he3..now i really3 and seriously busy with my sketsa's practice..the competition is 12th April 2010..it just around the corner..we have another two weeks to polish our talent..i want my group give commitment on this activity..i think if we can't get the first place is just wasting our time..you know what? we practising everyday..at the morning and evening..in the morning we start at 9.40..after recess time..we don't enter class after that..so many subject i wil "ketinggalan"..huh! but i do all of this just because i want my team can get the best place for the competiton..i hope they can perform well soon..

the other story is..my BFF..i miss them especially EMMY and FATIN..i feel our relationship is not like before..i have to find a way how to get us closed back..so far..we don't have and problem psicologically or whatever..it jusst that..we are not closed like before..hmm..BFF aswan? i can accept him as my real BFF already..not more than that..hee (: for his honey..don't worry yaa? we're just friend..and the other story about my friendship with afriadi..lately..he don't want to make a friend with me aymore..i also don't know why..it happen suddenly..i wondering..is there anything wrong with my action towards him? why he refuse to be my friend? i ask him..he didn't want to answer..i ask his friends..all of them also don't know..so..i just ignore him like the way he ignore me..ha7..but i don't feel  comfortable with that..so yesterday morning..i ask him again..

me : eh adi..kenapa ko nemaw kawan aku?? apa jugak salah ku ngan kaw ne..

he silent..the he said

afriadi : nantilah aq jumpa kaw..

me : iyala..

huh? what is the meaning? i don't get it ady..that night i texted him.."assalamualaikum"..but he didn't reply me..then..at this morning i asked him..

me : ui..napa ko tia reply mcg ku smalam?

afriadi : teda kredit ku..

me : ow..patutla..he3..knapa ko nemaw kawan aq?

afriadi : teda la..

after that..i also have another work..so i just go like that..into my class..and have oral..he3..just now..i texted him.."ady?" then he replied.."RQ 1 KOL.DULU"..he3..so i call him la kan..then we talk talk talk laa..i said.."kita jumpa esok jak la..aq p0wn bukan banyak kredit ne"..so..we'll wait and see what would it be tomorrow..what is his reason for treat me like that this lately..wahh..finally..i want to finish up this entry..i made it!! i have do an entry in english language..ha7..so funny..and this is so cool..hu3..lastly..i miss my family!! i miss my bFF!! i miss my hugpillow..(:


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