28 April 2010


salam to all..

just want to tell all of you that i'm sick..i have fever and flu also..i'm worried because the competition day is tomorrow..omg!! help me..give me the sakit after the competition..he3..but i don't minta2 la..who know if i d kuarantine nanti..ha7..like the past year..i've been quarantine for one week because i'm the suspect of H1N1..not just me..my friends also..because we have follow a camp during the holiday when the virus merebak di tawau here..then all of us told to quarantine kan diri at home masing2..ha7..while the quarantine day..waa..putih mulus la my skin..never go out from home..then only i know the perfect way to have a white skin back..stay at home for one week and never go out..but i will get crazy if don't go out for a day..inikan pulak one week..hu3..i'm dead..but if desperate..i'll try..ha7..i think that's all for this entry..just want to tell you about my experience while in the "tin"..ha7..wish me get well as soon as possible !!

p/s : if any doctor tell you that you have to quarantine yourself at house or hospitals..you have to do it because it will make your immunine system more strong..believe me..hu3


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