09 April 2010

around the corner..


like the title of this entry..yes !! it just around the corner..so near !!3 days left..and we haven't prepare well yet..our sketsa !! so pusing rite now..dunno what to do..all depends an us only..40 % not ready..the prop..the technician..the way we speak..OMG !! i'm so afraid we lost frensz..mudah2an tidak..hmm..takut tahap gabanz..!! agh !! i think a lot of  ( !! ) notation in this entry..enough with that..he3..

continue wit ma story..me and afriady?? he still dun want to tegur me..maybe he shame..nvm..but he already show the positive feedback to me..never run away when i'm there..i mean any place laa..miss ady bhaa..like i want to tegur him first jak..but..tahan..tahan..i'll not lose..i'm strongly will not tegur him first..muahahaha..but if necessary..of course i will tegur him..actually..can anyone post a comment and tell me what is "TEGUR" in english..ha7..i can't get the vocabulary..and i malas want to check the word tegur in dictionary..ha7..that's all for this entry..


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