09 June 2010

photogenic contest (:


saya maw ikut ne contest foe hilang kan kebosanan yang melanda diri..mna la taw bule menangkan..he3..syarat2 maw ikut contest ne..mesti la menjadi follower kepada MIA FARROW http://mia-farrows.blogspot.com/ ..then mesti bwat entry khas untuk contest ne..n tag at least 3 person..mia..sya sua bwat ne..he3..i hope ma penglibatan d contest ne di terima..

so..dis is ma picture foe de contest ;)
[gambar dipadam sebab taubat sudah. tutup aurat. ngeee :)]

let me tell you about this picture..i think this picture is nice where a girl feel very happy because she already got what she want to have..example like she want to make a poem..an had found it in a jungle..the background of this picture is totally beautiful and peaceful..we can see that the smile shown in this girl [my] face is full of happy..i think that is the point of this picture..i hope you can consider this picture as a winner of your contest mia..! [:



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